Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pure hair with organic hair treatment

Create a pure natural hair with an organic hair treatment.

John Masters Organics have an organic hair treatment for damaged hair. The Honey and Hibiscus hair reconstructor is an organic treatment to repair and reconstruct a hair damaged from chemical treatments, sun, and pollution. It contains Linoleic and Hyularonic acids which are also found in abundance naturally in your hair. They are combined with Soy and Wheat amino acids to renew and reconstruct your hair. Honey and Hibiscus extracts and 14 other certfied organic extracts and plant oils bring life back to very dry or damaged hair in this organic hair treatment which is also naturally safe for colored hair.

Dr. Hauschkas Neem Hair Oil is an organic treatment for damaged hair. Get rid of dried-out hair and restore its healthy sheen and manageability with Dr.Hauschka Neem Hair Oil. It is an intensive hair and scalp treatment designed to repair damaged hair and protect it from environmental stresses. It also encourages healthy new hair growth. The active organic ingredients are Neem Leaf and Chamomile Extracts to calm itchy, irritated scalp conditions. And rosemary Essential Oil to stimulate scalp circulation.

Dr.Hauschka Neem Hair Oil

How often should I use a treatment on my bleached, damaged hair?

Use an organic hair treatment once a week to reconstruct and maintain a healthy hair.

How often should I use a hair treatment on my natural hair?

Use every other week to maintain your healthy pure hair.

How often should I use a hair treatment on my colored hair?

It depends on the quality and structure of the hair. If it is healthy you may want to use a treatment every other week for maintenance. If your hair is brightly colored in reds or purple tones you should be cautious of using a treatment unless it is specifically made for a colored hair as it tends to strip the hair of the color.

How do I use the organic treatment?

Apply the hair treatment to wet, clean hair and leave in for 2-4 minutes or longer.

Where can I buy an organic hair treatment?

Online is the easiest way to go for organic products an many organic online store stocks a great variety of organic beauty brands and makes it really easy for you to get all your organic beauty products in one shop and delivered to your door. 

Skinbotanica is a US based online store that stocks John Masters Organics and Dr. Hauschka as well as many other organic hair care brands.

Green organics is an Australian online store stocking John Masters Organics along with many more organic haircare brands.

Green Organics


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