Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ammonia free hair color

Yo. Coloring is the new, innovative ammonia free hair color line from the Kemon research laboratories that dedicates special attention to the naturalness of the formula and comfort during application. The main treating ingredient is yoghurt extract as the lactose contained in yoghurt has hydrating, nourishing, protecting, anti-oxidant and restoring properties and helps keep hair strong and healthy.

Yo. Coloring provides maximum ammonia free coloring to eliminate unpleasant odours and reduce hair swelling to a minimum thus maintaining the quality of the hair preventing it from becoming damaged. The hair color is also PPD free and careful research has led to the selection and use of extremely pure oxidation intermediates that provide maximum security in toxicological terms.

The extremely small size of the molecules means that the pigments of the hair color do not oxidise outside of the hair but rather penetrate easily inside it without significantly swelling the cuticle. The molecules only oxidise once they are inside the structure, becoming larger and remaining firmly anchored. This translates into shine, color stability and intact hair.


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