Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Less is More Review

I have had the opportunity to try out some fab Less is More hair care and styling so here is a a short review of the ones I tried:

Lindengloss Shampoo & Conditioner - A great and gentle cleanser, did not make my scalp itchy as many other shampoos tend to do in winter time. Also my thin hair felt light after using it along with the matching conditioner. They are both for color treated and damaged hair so I did expect them to feel heavier on my hair than they did. Light as a feather and my hair did not feel greasy day 2 as it does with the Hamadi shampoo I used previously to this.

Limesouffle - A light and creamy wax, did not do much for my short hair but I don't think it was the right product for me as I like my short style sleek and shniy.

Mascobadogel - My favorite to go along with the shampoo and conditioner! Gives great volume and not much product feel, it does it's work without being noticed, I like! I applied it in towel dried hair, then combed it through and dried it with a bit of volume.

Kieselwax - Not for me but perfect for others! I believe this one will be an all time favorite for all eco nerds and hairdressers! Very similar to Sebastians matte clay which have been hard to replace, especially with organic options. Perfect for short, messy hair do's.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Original & Mineral

Ammonia Free hair color with a twist. Original & Minerals mission is to challenge the artificial norms of professional haircare with the message that healthy hair begins when it's free from stress.

I like the sound of that, don't you?

This ammonia free hair color was all the rage when I lived in Sydney about 2 years ago and by the look of it, it still is. I love the edgy packaging that adds a bit of glamour to the organic world and I am dying to try out their hair care products as well.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Trevarno Review

Earlier this year I received some Trevarno skincare products from Swedish Beauty Factory (SBF don't carry Trevarno anymore but you can order from Trevarnos own website) and after some testing here is what I thought of them:

Organic Eye Cream - This organic eye cream feels quite thick and it's not as light and smooth as I like eye creams, also it doesn't really do anything for my skin so no, not my favorite.

Overnight Replenishing Cream - A favorite. It is thick and creamy and perfect for night time, especially in Swedish winter when the air is dry and skin thirsty. Something you should consider when choosing Trevarno is that they are all-organic and the lack of modern tehnology in all it's forms means back to basic and this is the best all-organic night cream I have tried so far.

Rosewater Camomile & Skin Toner - This facial mist and toner is fabulous. Very refreshing and I have used it both as a toner and refresher when working in front of the computer.

Rose & Jojoba Cleanser - The cleanser efficiently washes away make up and feels gentle on the skin. I like the milky texture and feel. I had to use something else (jojoba oil) to remove the eye make up though.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Nail polish

My new favorite nail polish from Butter LONDON. Tea With The Queen is a nude, beige color that goes more towards pink than my previous favorite, Yummy Mummy, which is a perfect soft blend of grey and beige.