Sunday, December 13, 2009

Jeval Hair Color - low ammonia hair dye

Low ammonia hair color, hair dye, Italian hair colour, bleach and perm. Jeval Hair Colour is the product of years of research in Milan, Italy. It stems from a philosophy that places absolute respect for the health of your hair at the top of its list. Jevals color contains plant liposomes and glycoric vegetable extracts that benefit all hair types.

The hair is preserved and protected during the coloring process by a rebalance of the hydro-lipidic state, fundamental to softness and shine. The natural botanical plant base is kind and gentle to the hair and scalp. Colour pigments of smaller molecules give superior color absorption, effectively providing 100% grey coverage, optimum colour penetration and lasting colour with a low ammonia content.

This is one of few low ammonia free hair colors on the market today but this does not mean it is free of dangerous chemicals. I would like to encourage all of you who color your hair on a regular basis to question what is in the coloring treatments, and demand a healthier alternative. The consumers, meaning you, rule the market and the products we use are on the market because they sell. By switching to organic and natural alternatives you are telling the producers that this is what you want therefore this is what you will get.

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