Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Winter 11/12 hair trends

Short, graphic and clean cut is what Mattias at Sure Baby Yes in Stockholm is doing at the moment. Check out their daily hot shot for some up to date hair style inspiration, gotta love it!

Also check out their android app and youtube videos!

Hair and photo by Sure Baby Yes, Stockholm.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Omani beauty

Our course and holiday in Oman was awesome! So great and inspirational that I can't wait to get started with everything we learned. The course was organized for Swedish hairdressers by a Swedish company and everyone involved from the make up artist to hairstylist and photographer was Swedish and as Oman is a traditionally muslim country it was really hard to reach the local women.

The Omani people are really friendly and the country was so beautiful. As we flew over Saudi Arabia on our way there I was watching the amazing desert and then seeing Riyadh, a city in the middle of nowhere was so cool. Speaking to the local men was very interesting and they were really open and keen to tell us about their country but ladies... There were Omani ladies staying at our hotel as well but speaking to them was harder.

The traditional Omani dress for women is a long beautiful dress covering every inch of the body and a hijab (I apologize to any muslim reading this if I am using the wrong words). The men wear a long dress also covering the whole body along with a little hat. As the ladies cover everything but their faces, and sometimes their entire face, the eye make up is what they show off the most. Walking around a mall in Salalah I was amazed at the imagination of these women as they used all sorts of eye shadows and even stones and gems to really stand out.

Henna is seen everywhere and they paint beautiful intricate patterns on their hands and maybe other parts of their body that I could not see.

In the small beauty department in the mall I did find some organic body wash and body lotion but that was it, although I'd not be surprised if these women are as aware as we are about the importance of organic produce.

I'll give you an update on the course that was all about styling and make up for photo shoots as well as some current hair trends.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

SIX Magazine

SIX Magazine is an online mag for fabulous eco fashionistas and I am one of the contributors of this issue! Read my article on Tromborg in the current issue.


We are going to Oman for a week full of inspiration! Looking forward to speak to local women and visit their beauty shops. How do they shop for beauty products when they wear the burka? Are they interested in organic produce? I am so looking forward to find out!