Friday, June 29, 2012

Shell Lip Balm

Gorgeous organic lip balm that comes in a shell. I love it! It moisturizes my lips and it makes me feel so glamorous when I grab the shell out of my handbag!

Organic Island Shell Lip Balm is available from stockists around the world, find your nearest at their own website.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Leave in hair care

I love my hair and I love when it is shiny and healthy. Summer aren't always too kind to it though which is why I always apply a leave in conditioner or treatment after I wash it.

These are my top 3 leave in favorites for healthy summer hair!

1. EDGE Natural Hair Care Anti Frizz - Leaves my damaged blonde tresses silky and smooth. A very light product that doesn't make the hair too shiny. Protects against UV rays and heat tools.

2. Less is More Lavender Smooth Balm - A little heavier than Anti Frizz, I use this when my hair is in a worse condition than today, extremely damaged and dry. Protects against heat tools.

3. John Masters Organics Shine On - This is what it is called. It adds plenty of shine and also protects against heat tools and daily wear and tear. I wear this when I want shine, perfect for parties and sleek hair do's! Be careful and use only a tiny, tiny bit!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Peeling by M Picaut

Today I received this facial peeling by M Picaut to try out, will get back to you as soon as i have tried it.

Smells lovely and fresh and promises a rejuvenated skin!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Haina Organic Skin Care

Today I opened my inbox and discovered I had totally missed out on a bath bomb give away, what a shame! Especially as it was organized by gorgeous Haina organic skin care, a label I have never heard of but that I will keep my eyes on from now on.

Haina organic skin care aim to give you a healthy, glowing skin with high quality products based on organic ingredients. Have a look in their cute shop and feel happy reading titles such as Loved Moisturizer and Beautifully Radiant.

Suki Skin Care Review

The latest addition to my bathroom shelves are 3 products from Suki that Swedish Beauty Factory kindly sent for med to try out:

Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser - This cleanser is light, grainy, and has a fresh citrus scent. I'd say this is more like a facial scrub than a cleanser as it is too grainy to wash away eye make up, but I love it. I have used it once a week for 3 weeks now and my face feels rejuvenated and fresh. In between I am using my M Picaut Cleanser so perhaps the effect would be even better if I would only be using Suki products?!

Concentrated Balancing Toner - A refreshing toner that helps out with my greasy T-zone. My skin is normally the same all over my face but since I got a fringe again in November last year my forehead goes greasy... The toner has a citrus scent and comes in a spray bottle so is easy to use, I love spray toners as it also removes the need for cottonballs.

Pure Facial Moisture Nourishing - A facial serum with carrot and evening primrose to use at night. Perfect for my combo skin. I love getting a bit extra care for my skin night time and this oil is not oily at all once it's been absorbed by the skin.

My overall impression of Suki from the products I have tried is very good and I would love to try out some body care products as well such as the Velvet Body Lotion!

Have you tried out Suki and what did you think?