Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Kahina Skincare

I'm loving Kahina Skincare! I received a Travel Basic kit from Swedish Beauty Factory, thank you! And have tried out the cleanser, facial lotion and argan oil for a couple of weeks now.

They are really nice for my skin. Not perfect, but nice. All products are based on organic argan oil from Morocco and are suitable for all skin types.

The argan oil is very nourishing and I think the products I received are perfect for normal to dry and maybe even sensitive skin. They have a gentle and natural scent and the packaging is clean and sleek.

Since summer my skin has been almost oily, which is something new for me, so these products were just a tad too moisturizing, but I think they will be great in a month or two when winter has arrived.

Kahina also do a beautiful job in Morocco where they support the Berber women extracting the argan oil. 25% of all sales goes straight back to them to help them develop their community. Love it!

Have you tried Kahina?