Thursday, December 21, 2017

Eco friendly hair salon in Umeå, Sweden

My favorite place to get my hair done in Sweden!

Beauty Factory Umeå is an eco friendly hair salon that gives you an instant calmness boost.

The decor is modern in subtle colors and as you enter, you walk down a set of steps and the whole salon is below ground level but has a few small windows so you get a bit of daylight, but you will not be sitting in your foils viewable to all that passes by.

The salon has a quite neutral scent as the chemicals used are gentler. They work with the ammonia and PPD free hair color from Original&Mineral Australia and when they style your hair they use either natural och organic products from among others John Masters Organics, Less is More Haircare, Edge Cosmetics and Per Purr.

(Image from Beauty Factory Umeå Instagram)