Thursday, December 29, 2011

Atlantis Watercolour

As you all know I am all about combining organic, luxury and nice packaging and in that area organic hair color for home use has a lot to desire.

This label is getting closer though and I love the idea that the hair dye is water based. It is also the world’s first non-peroxide, non-ammonia, semi, demi or permanent hair color and from what I have heard it is as good as all the other, more famous brands such as Tints of Nature and Logona. Atlantis Watercolor is an Australian label and as far as I know can only be purchased from Aussie shops, anyone seen it somewhere else?


Another organic hair care label I want to know more about is Rahua. Based on the Amazon oil called Rahua, the products are said to make dry, damaged strands spring to life with renewed, bouncy elasticity, color treatments remain shiny and vibrantly true, and irritated scalps calmed.

The bottles look so exklusive and I believe they would make my bathroom look fabulous alongside my current favorite label, Rostedt!

Less is More

I'm really curious about Less is More organic hair care and am about try it out, anyone that tried them already?

Finding good organic skin care is a piece of cake compared to hair care and I am hoping for this label to give me the results I so dearly desire!

I believe this is the next label to be all the rage here in Sweden as I have already seen them mentioned in some of the largest fashion magazines.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Wish List

Although we only buy Christmas gifts for the little ones I love making my own special wish list! Who knows... Santa might find his way down my chimney this year...

1. Neom Luxury Organics Body Oil. Just what my skin needs in times of cold air and dry skin. As I love Jasmine the Lavender, Jasmine & Brazilian Rosewood scented body oil my pick.

2. Double You Perfume. Organic perfume Norvege. A new perfume on the market which is not even available in Sweden yet. I can't wait to try this!