Monday, December 21, 2009

Organics sunscreen

Why use organic sunscreen?

Why use an organic sunscreen as opposed to a normal sunscreen or sunblock? The latest research shows that many of the common ingredients in the average sunscreen are highly toxic and may cause more harm than good to our bodies when exposed to sunlight.

What are the toxic ingredients in common sunscreens?

Octyl-methoxycinnamate. Produces free radicals (single molecular oxygen) known to be toxic to cells.

Titanium dioxide. Causes DNA damage (the cells genetic material) due to superoxide radicals, active oxygen radicals and hydroxyl radicals when exposed to sunlight.

Oxybenzone. Is rapidly oxidised in the presence of light and inactivates important antioxidant systems in the skin (the skins natural protection system).

PABA. Produces free radicals in the presence of light.

Cinoxate. Causes DNA damage (sister chromatid exchanges)

So what does this all mean?

It basically means that the ingredients in common sunsreens are causing more harm to your skin than good. We apply sunscreen to our bodies to protect ourselves from the sun and the damage the UV rays can cause, but what we unknowingly get is a toxic cocktail that can more or less speed up our bodies ageing and cause severe damage to our DNA structure and skin.

Certified organic suncreen

Reflect is a water-free nourishing organics sunscreen with natural minerals that help reflect damaging ultraviolet radiation. Microfine zinc oxide offers protection from harmful rays whilst organic olive oil keeps the skin supple. Potent antioxidants including natural vitamin E, beta carotene and polygonum extract, protect the skin from premature aging and prevent damage caused by the sun. This organic sunscreen is gentle enough to use on babies, organic baby sunscreen.

How do I use Reflect Outdoor Balm organic sunscreen?

Apply generously to skin surfaces exposed to sunlight 20 minutes before exposure. Reapply every two hours. Store below 30oC / 86oF

Where can I buy organic sunscreen?

You can buy the organics sunscreen from miessence in .phy organics online store.
  • Reflect Outdoor Balm


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