Monday, May 31, 2010

Tuesday is great

Organic shop. I felt great waking up today! So excited to see what this beautiful Tuesday has to offer. I'm at the kitchen table with my laptop and a cup of chamomile tea waiting for the laundry to finish. I just sent off an order so I'll get plenty of more stock at the end of the week. I just love ordering products and organizing that bit of my business, when it comes to selling it I'm not much of the superstar I wish I'd be. Maybe I should hire someone to do that for me?

Dry skin brushing

Dry skin brushing is a great, easy and cheap way of getting a fabulous and smooth skin. This is something I do before every shower and it has improved the feeling and softness of my skin as well as the look of it.

How do dry skin brushing?

Get a small skin brush from the supermarket or any shop that stocks body care products, my skin brush is from the Body Shop and is round with a small knob to hold. There are various designs so look around and choose the one you like the most.

Before you are about to have a shower gently brush your skin in circular movements from your feet up to the belly. I pay extra attention around the thigh area to prevent and treat cellulites. Work your way around the torso in clock wise movements, and then out the arms, when you get to the neck your work is finished and you can jump in the shower. Finish a hot shower with really cold water to wake up your blood circulation and yourself even more.

Benefits of dry skin brushing

Dry skin brushing increases the blood circulation in your skin thus cleanses the lymphatic system, strengthens the immune system and stimulates the hormone and oil producing glands.

With the circulating movement on your belly it can help digestion, go clock wise as this is the direction the digestion works in.

It removes cellulites and dead skin, and tightens the skin to prevent premature ageing.

The benefetis are numerous and I also find the time I spend doing the dry skin brushing therapeutic as it is one of very few moments during the day that I spend solely on my own, with my own body.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Organic haircare

Zenz Therapy is an exclusive organic haircare label from Denmark. They produce professional organic haircare products based on aromatherapy.

The series is made up of 6 different shampoos and conditioner which can be mixed and used between each other. The also have 5 wonderful aromatherapeutic oils that can be used for everything. Massage, hair treatment, face oil and anything you can come to think of.

Zenz Therapy also have some hair styling products including a sea mist for volume, a molding clay and 3 shine waxes with various scents and properties.

I find this organic haircare label really professional and more like something you could go to buy in the hair salon as the packaging is really tasteful and feels luxurious, and the products themselves are of high quality and actually do what they promise to do.

It can be hard to find somewhere to buy them online but I found one place! It's a Swedish organic online shop and although they normally don't ship internationally I sent them an email asking them and everything was arranged very smoothly and within a couple of weeks I had the products in Sydney!

Here is a link to the shop if you want to do the same!


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Eco friendly straightening irons

An old topic with a new aim. I'm looking for an eco friendly hair straightener that is already selling in Scandinavia.

H2D from Australia and Pure Heat Tools from the US are the only ones I have been able to find.
Maxi Dress from, åhlens 

Organic sunscreen

Summer is coming to Europe! This means sun, and beach and tan. Make sure you get an organic or at the least a more natural sunscreen or sunblock instead of grabbing the cheapest one off the shelf in the supermarket.

Did you know that sunscreen is a beauty product full of nasties, it's often worse than all the products you put on your skin daily combined as it can contain heavy metals meant to protect you from the sun.

Organic sunscreens use physical sunblocking ingredients, like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, instead of chemical ingredients like mexoryl, avobenzone and octinoxate which are common skin sensitizers and allergens.

Have a go in your local health shop to find an organic sunscreen or sunblock or try one of the many online stores which are oftentimes full of different brands so that you can browse in your own time.

Most natural and organic brands will have a suncreen or sunblock.

Weleda, Eco Cosmetics and Loving Naturals are some of the labels making organic sunscreen as well as miessence. Click here to find out more about how organic sunscreens work.
Floral Dress from