Sunday, May 16, 2010

Organic sunscreen

Summer is coming to Europe! This means sun, and beach and tan. Make sure you get an organic or at the least a more natural sunscreen or sunblock instead of grabbing the cheapest one off the shelf in the supermarket.

Did you know that sunscreen is a beauty product full of nasties, it's often worse than all the products you put on your skin daily combined as it can contain heavy metals meant to protect you from the sun.

Organic sunscreens use physical sunblocking ingredients, like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, instead of chemical ingredients like mexoryl, avobenzone and octinoxate which are common skin sensitizers and allergens.

Have a go in your local health shop to find an organic sunscreen or sunblock or try one of the many online stores which are oftentimes full of different brands so that you can browse in your own time.

Most natural and organic brands will have a suncreen or sunblock.

Weleda, Eco Cosmetics and Loving Naturals are some of the labels making organic sunscreen as well as miessence. Click here to find out more about how organic sunscreens work.


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