Thursday, May 27, 2010

Organic haircare

Zenz Therapy is an exclusive organic haircare label from Denmark. They produce professional organic haircare products based on aromatherapy.

The series is made up of 6 different shampoos and conditioner which can be mixed and used between each other. The also have 5 wonderful aromatherapeutic oils that can be used for everything. Massage, hair treatment, face oil and anything you can come to think of.

Zenz Therapy also have some hair styling products including a sea mist for volume, a molding clay and 3 shine waxes with various scents and properties.

I find this organic haircare label really professional and more like something you could go to buy in the hair salon as the packaging is really tasteful and feels luxurious, and the products themselves are of high quality and actually do what they promise to do.

It can be hard to find somewhere to buy them online but I found one place! It's a Swedish organic online shop and although they normally don't ship internationally I sent them an email asking them and everything was arranged very smoothly and within a couple of weeks I had the products in Sydney!

Here is a link to the shop if you want to do the same!



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