Monday, January 10, 2011

Rich Hippie Bliss

Rich Hippie Bliss is a deep, romantic, uplifting, feminine floral organic perfume with notes of Bulgarian Damascena rose and Tunisian citrus.

Rich Hippie perfume is made using the traditional methods employed by perfumers before World War II and the advent of the chemical industry. 
Perfume history

Prior to World War II, all fine perfume was 100% natural and chemical free. Perfume was made by combining extracts from flowers and plants that were almost always farmed organically or wildcrafted with 100% natural "spirits of wine" or wine alcohol distilled from grapes grown in the great wine regions of France. However, after the war, the chemical industry, which had experienced rapid growth in response to the war effort, needed new market to keep factories running and began manufacturing "fragrance" or synthetic perfume. 



Amy said...

I want to try their perfume sooo bad, but I can never decide what scent though!

MichelHerbert said...

I agree this comment.

Jen said...

I just pick the name I like best and it has worked really well so far:)

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