Monday, January 31, 2011

Facial spray

A facial spray is an allround beauty product that once you start using it, you cannot live without it. My favorite is Nature Girls O mist scented with rose and I always carry it with me. Perfect for resetting make up and refresh and regain focus.

1. Helps moisturizer seal in the hydration
It helps to lock in the water on the upper layers of the epidermis and prevent evaporation. 

2. Helps dilute a thick cream
When using a thick cream you can mist a little and mix in with the cream to dilute it. 

3. Hydrates your skin
A facial mist spray helps improve the condition of your skin when it’s exceptionally dry. This is really great when used during air travel as airplane oxygen and air conditioning typically leave our skin dehydrated.
4. Helps act as a mini facial mask
Spray some cotton pads generously and spread them on your cleansed face and you’ll find your skin more hydrated afterwards. 

5. Helps set makeup
Mist your face after applying makeup to set it and give your face a fresh look.
6. Helps to blend makeup
Wet a sponge to apply your foundation wet. This is not something that really helps when your foundation isn’t applying well. You can also mist your eyeshadow brush a little to apply your eyeshadow so that it can stay longer or look more dramatic. 

7. Helps to reshape my hair
You can not only to freshen up your face with a facial mist, but also to reshape your hair if needed. Well, water from the tap can do the same thing but you will find that a mist do a better job because they’re not so wet when applied and allows the hair to dry up much quicker without a hair dryer.
8.  Helps to soothe irritated skin
When your skin develops some redness or rashes a face mist can help soothe and calm down the irritated skin, Nea of Swedens Herbal Water with Tea Tree is perfect for this as it contain anti-inflammatory properties.
9. Helps to refresh your mood after a long day
Spray a mist on your face after and during a long day and you will instantly feel refreshed and focused again. 

The herbal mist are great as they do deliver some skin benefits but do note that whatever skin benefits are restricted to the upper layers of our skin. And did you know that some of these products were originally created as dermatological products to be used in hospitals and burn clinics? Due to the spring water used, they act as natural healer for burned, irritated and delicate skin. 


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