Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shampoo eczema

A great organic shampoo for eczema and dry scalp is Zenz Therapys Chamomile shampoo. The organic products from Zenz Therapy are all based on aromatherapy and it's healing properties.

Using organic shampoo on dry and eczema troubled skin and scalp increases your chances of a soft and supple skin. Many of the harsh chemicals used in conventional hair care products tend to aggravate the problems. And if they do seem to help you can be sure it is only temporary as they treat the effect and not the cause. As long the cause is not treated, the problem will remain.

Chamomille is a plant that has been used for centuries for it's calming, soothing and healing effects on both mind and body. It is a gentle relaxant before bedtime and it calms the wild female hormones. When applied to the skin chamomile will soothe and heal and combined with oils it is an efficient moisturizer.

Skin care products based on aromatherapy has the double effect of nurturing your soul at the same time as your skin and the combination is unbeatable.



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