Monday, June 7, 2010

Organic hair color

Pure and organic hair color is not a hairdressers dream. It consists of herbs and is very limited in shades and tones. Most of you know about henna, the herbal organic hair dye used as far back as in ancient Egypt. This is where we are going if we want completely organic hairdyes and it is just not good enough for me.

In my hair salon I work with an Italian brand of ammonia free hair dye. My options are unlimited when it comes to choosing the shades my clients desire and as it is ammonia free it does not make me sick.

When working with the larger brands of hair color such as Schwarzkopf, Wella, Matrix and Goldwell my nose gets runny and my head starts aching. With ammonia free hair dye this does not happen.

There are many different brands of ammonia free hair dye out there and depending on what country you reside in your options may vary but here are some of the brands I know of that are good.

Greenlight Luxury (Italy)
YO. Coloring (Italy)
Original & Mineral (Australia)
CHI Ionic (America)

For some reason many of the ammonia free hair dyes originates from Italy and I really have no idea why.

 Many of the larger brands are now producing ammonia free hair color but with limited options in shades such as Loreals Inoa and Schwarzkopfs Essential.

Why is ammonia free hair color better?

Ammonia is used to open the cuticle of the hair to deposit the color. The ammonia does this in a harsh way and leaves it wide open after the process of coloring is done with. It is also used as an activator for the color.

When using ammonia free hair color the color is deposited within the hair in a more gentle way .This also means a shinier, healthier and even stronger hair in the end as the hair structure is less tampered with. Although the color may fade a bit quicker this is so much better for the hair.


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