Saturday, January 23, 2010

Organic brand

How to find organic brands. Organic brands tend to be less visible and not as easy to find as the leading brands.

Find organic brands via lists on the certification agencies websites such as USDA and Australian Certified Organic. For example USDA lists all organic brands that they have certified which makes it really easy to get an overview.

Click here to see Wikipedias list of organic certification bodies (to be found at the bottom of the page).

Another way to find organic brands is to shop around both in physical stores in your local area that stocks organic products as well as find online shops. Having a look in the many organic online shops can be fun and it can also quite quickly give you an idea of what organic brands are the leading on the market and what to look for in a physical store.

Many organic brands are very visibly organic using natural colors on the packaging as well as using natural symbols while some look like any normal non organic product would.

There are a lot of non organic brands out there that are using colors and images that we easily associate with being organic only to increase sales and attract an organic customer base, so be careful when shopping and always look for products that are certified organic.

Something that is also starting to happen is that many natural and organic brands are taking steps to make organic products more attractive to a wider market and are therefore not making their products look like the stereotype product people expect. This is a great way of attracting new customers but can also make it more difficult for the devoted organic consumers to find their products.

Printed media and magazines aimed at an organic audience is growing fast and there are currently quite a few really great magazines out there so go grab one and I'm sure you'll get plenty of organic brands from both articles and advertisements.


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