Friday, January 8, 2010

Become an organic beauty

Becoming a natural organic beauty is as easy as 123!

I'll tell you my own story. It could be really long but I'll make it short so you don't loose interest ok?

In my late teens I got interested in organic products and what they could do for my health, I started buying organic food but was still not much into organic beauty products. Being a hairdresser and all I did not have a care in the world about the toxins I was exposing myself to on a daily basis. But the food, that was really important!

I moved to London at the age of 21 and bought most of my food at Planet Organic and this is where my interest for organic beauty products started. I switched to organic shampoo and body wash and even face care. Make up was still out of the question as I am a big fan of brands such as MAC and Urban Decay.

Then I sort of forgot about the whole organic thing when I went backpacking in Asia, although their lack of knowledge and ignorance for nature was a bit of a wake up call as to how other cultures treat the planet.

The backpacking took me around the world and I ended up in Sydney, a very eco conscious city, and this is where I am now. A few months ago my organic interest sparked to life once again and this time it hit me with full force. Having lived in Sydney for more than two years I had bought the odd organic product and little cherry tomato but that was it. The change in consciousness just happened one day when I was surfing the internet and found some articles on organic beauty and the dangers associated with the products we use every day.

It may seem drastic but all of a sudden I just could not stand the beautiful products in my bathroom cabinet. Expensive labels such as Redken, MAC, and Clinique got thrown out to make room for all certified organic beauty products and it felt great!

Making the switch to organic is all about commitment. Commit to care for your body and your health as well as our planet and treat them with the respect they deserve. I believe the beauty industry have a long way to go before it is as pure as I want it to be but we are on our way to a greener planet full of healthy, happy, and beautiful people.

When I made the commitment to become an organic beauty I became a representative for organic beauty products. This allowed me purchase a whole new set of all organic beauty products and even washing up liquid for a small price and now I am even making some money from the whole thing! Money should not be an issue when it comes to saving the planet but unfortunately it oftentimes is.

Why is organic more expensive?

Did you know that organic products are more expensive due to the way the ingredients are farmed? Organic produce is farmed in a more traditional way and the lack of pesticides and other harmful chemicals that can make the crops grow faster and bigger are banned. The packaging is also more expensive to produce as they do not leak toxins into the product it holds as many cheap bottles do.


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