Monday, June 25, 2012

Leave in hair care

I love my hair and I love when it is shiny and healthy. Summer aren't always too kind to it though which is why I always apply a leave in conditioner or treatment after I wash it.

These are my top 3 leave in favorites for healthy summer hair!

1. EDGE Natural Hair Care Anti Frizz - Leaves my damaged blonde tresses silky and smooth. A very light product that doesn't make the hair too shiny. Protects against UV rays and heat tools.

2. Less is More Lavender Smooth Balm - A little heavier than Anti Frizz, I use this when my hair is in a worse condition than today, extremely damaged and dry. Protects against heat tools.

3. John Masters Organics Shine On - This is what it is called. It adds plenty of shine and also protects against heat tools and daily wear and tear. I wear this when I want shine, perfect for parties and sleek hair do's! Be careful and use only a tiny, tiny bit!


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