Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Organic beauty online stores

There are so many online shops retailing organic beauty it can be difficult knowing where to spend your hard earned cash.

Here are some shops that I like at the look of them. The only ones I have shopped at are Swedish Beauty Factory and Saffron Rouge, both of which I liked.

Content - British online store stocking niche natural beauty labels. They have most of my favorite brands such as Absolution, Pai Skincare, Patyka, Inika, Ren Skincare and RMS Beauty and many more, lots to choose from!

Bathing Beauty - Australian store also focusing on niche natural beauty labels. Honore des Pres, Rahua and Jo Wood Organics to name a few.

Love Lula - Europes largest natural apothecary. Here you can find just about any organic beauty label you can come to think of.

Saffron Rouge - US Online natural beauty store stocking labels such as Badger, Suki, Lulu Organics, Inika and Dr. Hauschka.

Swedish Beauty Factory - Up and coming natural beauty store focusing on Swedish and Scandinavian beauty labels but also features international brands such as Rostedt and Rich Hippie.


Gayle GWishlist said...

Thanks for these few links!
I like to shop at, less expensive than anywhere else.
And then I have these:

Jean said...

Vitacost is a great place! I also like the following retailers:

Admin said...

Great, thanks for the tips!

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