Thursday, December 21, 2017

Eco friendly hair salon in Umeå, Sweden

My favorite place to get my hair done in Sweden!

Beauty Factory Umeå is an eco friendly hair salon that gives you an instant calmness boost.

The decor is modern in subtle colors and as you enter, you walk down a set of steps and the whole salon is below ground level but has a few small windows so you get a bit of daylight, but you will not be sitting in your foils viewable to all that passes by.

The salon has a quite neutral scent as the chemicals used are gentler. They work with the ammonia and PPD free hair color from Original&Mineral Australia and when they style your hair they use either natural och organic products from among others John Masters Organics, Less is More Haircare, Edge Cosmetics and Per Purr.

(Image from Beauty Factory Umeå Instagram)

Monday, June 8, 2015

LURK Natural Fragrances

I just found them, or they have lurking around on my Instagram for some time but I haven't quite paid attention until I needed a new perfume.

I got a few different samples of LURK made perfumes and I'm in love. The bottles are gorgeous, the name is different and eye catching, the logo and the packaging is just perfect.

They are hand made in SoHo New York using only pure essential oils in a base of jojoba oil.

You can read more about LURK perfumes here >


The Organic Pharamcy

I have been a fan of The Organic Pharmacy for years, ever since I saw their store on my way to work on a dusty Sunday morning in London heading down Kensington High Street.

The Organic Pharmacy is a natural skincare line that is based on the healing powers of plants and homeopathy. Except for a large line of skincare including mens care, baby care and even makeup under a sub label named Organic Glam, they have herbal pills and tinctures to cure most ailments from the inside out.

A few of my favourites are the Jasmine Night Conditiong Spray, a facial mist to replace your daily toner that not only has a divine scent (I love Jasmine!) but also gives your skin a boost during the night. The Carrot Butter Cleanser is a classic that I know I'm not the only love loving, it's a daily cleanser that is like a salve, it is a very efficient cleanser and takes away everything, including eye pencils and mascara.

I always buy my The Organic Pharmacy products at Swedish Beauty Factory.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Acquarella Nail Polish

Have you ever tried a water based nail polish? The experience is a bit different, but if toxic free nail polish is what you want you will love this. Acquarella has plenty of nail polish colours and it is easy to apply.

How is water based nail polish different from traditional nail polish?
  1. It does not stay on tha nail as long as toxic nail polish.
  2. It takes longer to dry on the nail.
  3. It is essential that you clean the nails properly first as any residues from hand lotions or similar will make it difficult for the polish to stick to the nail.
I found it a bit frustrating that it takes about 15 minutes before you can actually use your hands, a great way to train mindfulness and simply not doing anything. I did love the colours and I used the Acquarella Remover before applying the nail polish (they recommend you do so) so the polish lasted about 3 days before it started chipping on the ends, ok I think for being water based.

Have you tried any water based nail polishes? Any recommendations to share?

Here you can see the whole selection from Acquarella >


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Paperself eyelashes

Have you tried these fabulous fake eyelashes?

They are made from FSC certified paper and are coated to be durable. Love the intricate designs!

Lace Garden is my all time favorite! Which is yours?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pai Skincare

Pai Skincare is a gorgeous natural skincare line focusing on sensitive skin. My skin is not very sensitive except during the coldest winter months when it gets really dry and easily gets red.

I have tried Pai Skincare Rosehip Oil which is said to be a miracle oil. I think you could compare it to argan oil as it is great for skin in every way.

The oil is light and absorbs easily onto skin. I have used it night time instead of a night cream and I quite liked it. My skin has felt fresh and rejuvenated when I wake up in the morning so I would highly recommend rosehip oil to anyone asking.

Pai Skincare is available here >

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Where to buy natural skincare and haircare

Here are my current favorite shopping sites for natural and organic skincare, haircare and make up that ships worldwide:

Where do you shop?