Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Natural shampoo conditioner

Here is two companies producing natural shampoo conditioner, treatments and styling products. Both are professional hair salon brands and are used by top stylists around the globe.

Kevin Murphy - All the natural shampoo conditioner and hair care products in Kevin Murphy professional hair care range contain high levels of natural ingredients and they use high grade essential oils and amino acids for the ultimate natural hair and scalp treatment. You’ll see the effects immediately. Kevin Murphy considers the environment in all their business decisions and try as much as possible to find cleaner, more sustainable methods of doing business.

Their bottles and tubs can be recycled so please don't let them end up in land-fill. Whenever possible, Kevin Murphy makes the outer packaging from post consumer waste to avoid the need for trees to be chopped down.

Davines - A conscious company using natural ingredients in their natural shampoo conditoners and entire hair care range. Accompanied by the latest cosmetic cutting edge techniques for excellent quality and top results the products are crafted with an artisanal spirit and an ethical and sustainable thinking.


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